Fischer Family Farms

Whenever possible, we use local suppliers.  This not only helps to support local businesses, it also minimizes the environmental impact and added cost of shipping.

Maryland Plants & Supplies is our source for growing medium, containers and fertilizers.  For small quantities of seed and live plants, and high-quality tools, Homestead Gardens is our supplier of choice.  When we require seeds that we can’t find locally, we rely on mail-order from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

Our supplier for baby chickens this is McMurray Hatchery.  Unfortunately they aren’t local, but this is one of those cases where we haven’t found a local supplier for this part of our farm.

Our chickens seem like they eat constantly, so we spend quite a bit of time at Bowen’s Farm Supply to pick up feed and supplies for our growing flock.

If you have a favorite local supplier that you think we should know about, please send us an email and recommend them.


Local suppliers allow us to support our community

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What’s happening now:

Preparing for cold weather by winterizing the chicken coops.

Fresh eggs are always available at our self-service farm stand.  Stop by and visit if you are in the neighborhood.

Please note:

We are closed on weekends through 10/23 since the Renaissance Festival shares our driveway, and will resume weekend egg sales on 10/24.