Fischer Family Farms

At Fischer Family Farms, we’re committed to providing the freshest vegetables, fruits and free-range eggs possible.  We’re so confident that you’ll love our products that we offer an unconditional guarantee on everything that we sell.  If you don’t like it, we’ll make it right or refund 100% of your purchase.

We believe that it’s possible to provide superior products by focusing our attentions on sustainability, organic farming methods, transparent processes, and local community.  Some of the ways that we do this are listed below.

Sustainability focuses on meeting today’s needs while not compromising future efforts.  We invest in our soil through the use of composted plant wastes and the planting of cover crops to both prevent erosion and to reduce the need for supplementary watering.  These improvements yield both immediate dividends in the quality of our produce, and also insure that our land will be fertile for many years to come.

Organic farming methods such as crop rotation, composting, biological pest control, mechanical cultivation and the seeding of green manure crops are key to our operation.  While we do not currently seek to obtain an organic certification, these methods are important to us, and we use them whenever we can.

Transparent processes are also very important to us.  We believe that you have a right to know what is done to the food that you eat, and in that spirit we share all that we do to our crops and livestock with you.  If we apply a fertilizer or a chemical treatment, you can read about it in our blog.  We always disclose the products that we use, and who we use as suppliers.  You trust us to feed your family, and we take that seriously.

Local community is what we are all about - our family has owned our farm for four generations, we’re locals, and we believe in the local community.  We have made many friends over the years through our businesses, and we love sharing what we do with our friends and neighbors.  Whenever possible, we purchase our supplies from locally owned independent businesses.  We believe that supporting local small businesses and with donating excess product to local shelters and kitchens are important ways that everyone who has the means can give back to their community.


Healthy and delicious farm-fresh products for your family

What’s happening now:

Preparing for cold weather by winterizing the chicken coops.

Fresh eggs are always available at our self-service farm stand.  Stop by and visit if you are in the neighborhood.

Please note:

We are closed on weekends through 10/23 since the Renaissance Festival shares our driveway, and will resume weekend egg sales on 10/24.